2023 VMCRA

Rookie of the Year

2023 VMCRA

Rookie of the Year

Virginia Mini Cup Driver

Virginia Mini Cup Driver

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Noah is a 17-year-old mini cup driver from Glen Allen, Virginia. From a very young age he was obsessed with anything wheels and going fast. He began riding a dirt bike at age 4 and his parents began calling him "Nitro Noah.” Noah has encyclopedia-style knowledge of vehicles, his favorite being a classic Camaro. Racing runs in his family as his great-grandfather, Bobby Vaughan, was an early 195o's stock car driver.

After many years of recreational karting, Noah raced 3 seasons in a Junior Champ Kart at Capital City and King George Speedways. From 2020-2022, he gathered 2 wins, 21 top 5 finishes, with 15 being on the podium. He placed 3rd in points in the 2021 King George Speedway Winter Series and 2nd at the 2021 Junior Champ Predator Turkey Trot. In 2023, Noah joined the Virginia Minicup Racing Association with an incredible run including a first win at Orange County, four runner-up, and five Top 5 finishes, He was named the 2023 Rookie of the Year. Behind the wheel, Noah's a fierce competitor but also a kind sportsman. He especially enjoys meeting fans and fellow racers.

Noah’s an honor roll student, 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a member of his martial arts school's Demonstration Team. He is a senior at Glen Allen High School and Diesel Technology student at the ACE Center. He also enjoys playing the guitar, gaming, and working on automotive projects. Along with his parents, Noah shares his home with three highly entertaining labrador retrievers, Annie, Wrangler, & Willys.

2023 Race Schedule

April 15...Dominion Raceway-Thornburg, VA...P5

May 20...Orange County Speedway-Rougemont, NC...P4

June 3...Dominion Raceway-Thornburg, VA...P3

July 1...Langley Speedway-Hampton, VA...P2

July 22...Dominion Raceway- Thornburg, VA...P2

August 12...Dominion Raceway- Thornburg, VA...P2


September 16...Orange County Speedway-Rougemont, NC...P1


October 7...South Boston Speedway-South Boston, VA...P3

October 28...Langley Speedway-Hampton, VA...P3

Partners & Supporters

Alan and Barbara Broom

Bob and Sheri Morris

Linda & Donnie Thorp


Images courtesy of Laura Matthews Photography

Dinah Marie Photography

Aaron X Young Photography

Brandon Michael Photography

Brandon Zumbach Photography

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